Family Wealth Report displays Andy Unanue’s view of the lower middle-market

In Family Wealth Report, Managing Partner Andy Unanue explains AUA Private Equity’s focus on family businesses and companies targeting the U.S. Hispanic population in the lower-middle market. AUA Private Equity identifies the intergenerational wealth transfer and the growing U.S. Hispanic demographic as two major catalysts:

“‘We do a lot of co-investing business,’ Unanue said. He argues that the Hispanic business area the firm focuses draws from the ‘fastest-growing population segment in the US’. It is a sector that is relatively under-covered by the existing private equity space and ripe for development. Such firms are typically family-owned rather than on public markets.

The sector is also familiar to Unanue: ‘It is what I know. My business partners have done a lot of investing in the Hispanic and multi-cultural space.’ There are a total of nine financial professionals in that business; fellow partners are Steven Flyer and David Benyaminy.

Unanue ran a Hispanic-oriented, family-owned food business – Goya Foods, where he was chief operating officer from 1999-2004. In addition, by targeting family-owned businesses, AUA Private Equity says it is is taking advantage of the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth and business ownership in the US history, as Baby Boomers retire. The other partners also have experience in the multicultural and family business space. AUA Private Equity’s strategy matches operational and investing backgrounds to the sectors the partners know well, it says.”

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